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Our Services


As a main contractor, we are responsible for the completion of the project. We will organise the smooth flow of labour on the site, deal with subcontractors and delivery of goods as well as running the site itself, offering our experience and insight into the build.

and Build

A one stop service where we will strategically pool together our expertise to be responsible for the design, planning, organisation, control and construction of works. This allows for earlier commencement on site and can create a simpler process where we encourage the client to get involved with the design process.

Management Contractors

We take over the management on site, advising on developments of the brief and the feasibility and buildability of the design. Most importantly, we will look after the cost planning and control of the project as well as the quality of the final output.

Maintenance Contracts

A commitment to maintain the quality and usability of complex mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment in your building. Both new and old buildings are intricate and can require extensive expertise to operate and maintain – that’s what we are here for, ensuring that our client gets the maximum benefit and longevity of their assets. This can also be offered as an aftercare service for completed Morgan Rae projects.